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Face claim: Mukuro/ Daemon Spade from hitman reborn.
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"You need not to pity us, but off of that subject, we always satisfy when it comes to battle never any less." He grinned slightly starting to feel like the world was not spinning as much anymore. A chuckle escaped the hound at his words, he knew better than to trust the words of an angel but for now he would play it out as if he did. "Of course thank you." What was that term he wanted to use? Oh yes keep your best friends close but your enemies closer, that’s exactly how he was going to do this.

The grin was returned, and—ignoring the slight turn in his stomach from doing so—a hand offered. “Perhaps one day you will indulge in a second bout, if you’re that confident of your ability to deliver. Until then, I am content to think we stand somewhere near the same side, for the moment, at least. I trust that in winning your loyalty, I have earned also the possibility of calling upon you if needed?” Such was normally the way of these things, anyway. Demons that did not deal in contracts tended to prefer brute force as a means of securing interpersonal interactions, at least in Ash’s experience. 

Cerberus looked to the hand offered to him, yes one day when he knew he was not so rusty anymore he would attempt another fight with this being it had been the most fun he had in centuries. “Of course until then we are content that we could deliver such an interesting battle.” He took the hand that was offered suddenly, feeling it burn in his own slightly this was not exactly a contract but a way to show that he had his trust. “If needed yes you shall call upon us….” He said releasing his hand after rising slightly, there came the spinning of the world again and he nearly fell forwards but managed to catch himself in time. 

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Sentence Starters {Lost Edition}


  • "You don’t seem afraid at all. I don’t understand that."
  • "Hey, does anyone have a pen?"
  • "Hope is a very dangerous thing to lose."
  • "You make excellent bait!"
  •  ”I don’t feel sorry for you, I pity you.”
  • "Sorry, fresh out of sweet forgiveness."
  • "Sorry. I’m sneakier than I give myself credit for."
  • "You have three choices: run, hide… or die."
  • "Guess this is pretty much goodbye, then."
  • "Don’t mistake coincidence for fate."
  • "You’ve given up the right to be believed!"
  • "What, you didn’t hear about their little army?"
  •  ”I’m sorry I kissed you.”
  • "You’re one of the good ones."
  • "You know what? Ignorance is bliss."
  •  ”Do you think this is the best time?”
  • "They marked you? Let me see."
  • "How did we get here…? How did all of this happened?"
  • "First things first… give me your shirt."
  • "Trust you? I don’t even know you!"
  •  ”What makes you think that I’m so special?”
  •  ”Everything’s going to be okay. You’re with me, now.”

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  7. Wedding dress
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  9. Cosplay (any character of your choice)
  10. A frog
  11. Pyjamas
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  11. To seduce your muse
  12. To sleep over
  13. To build a fort

"Aw such a shame you anons could not get me to speak the truth to a lot of people maybe next time you will make it more interestin ya?" 

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